Are you looking for a cyber crime lawyer? Then you have come to the right place.

Jonkers & Van Gemert advocaten is one of the few criminal law firms in the Netherlands that specializes in computer crime (or: cyber crime). Our lawyers have knowledge of the law and the technology behind cyber crime. Law and technology are the guiding principles of our office. Jonkers and Van Gemert are also members of the exclusive network of the EUROPOL Secure Platform for Accredited Cyber ​​Crime Experts (SPACE).

If you are suspected of cyber crime you will not initially think that there are also cyber crime lawyers. However, it is important to be assisted by a lawyer who is familiar with terms such as TOR browsers (.onion), the Deep Web or the Dark Web, DDoS attacks, IP spoofing, social engineering, etc .. The police and the Public Prosecution Service is currently busy training teams in the technical and legal aspects of cyber crime. You cannot then be left with a lawyer who is not.

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