23 augustus 2017

Jonkers & Van Gemert @ SHA2017

ZEEWOLDE, August 2017

Attorney Noud van Gemert recently gave a talk about computer crime and criminal law during the international outdoor hacker-camp SHA2017 that was hosted this year in Zeewolde, The Netherlands. During the 1 hour lecture mr. Van Gemert spoke to members of the international hacker community about the legal aspects of cybercrime, the war on encryption, the usage of hacking tools by the police, and the tracability of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins.

Van Gemert stated in his talk that hackers and lawyers should work together to make sure judges understand the different technical aspects of cybercrime-related cases. Mr. Van Gemert mentioned a pending case in which his client is being prosecuted for laundering Bitcoins. The case is almost entirely based on an algorithm that concludes that certain wallets are ‘tainted’ and can be traced back to Dark Web markets such as Silk Road. Van Gemert asked the hacking community to contact our firm to explain the nature of such algorithms and the possible technical flaws that could be relevant for this and future cases.

Our firm has already received several suggestions about possible flaws of the software used by the prosecution that will help in the defense of several of our clients involved in Bitcoin laundering case

Jonkers & Van Gemert advocaten is a law firm that specialises in criminal law and cybercrime. Our office serves clients all over the world. We take all criminal law cases, both national and international. The attorneys of Jonkers & van Gemert advocaten are registered in all Dutch courts.

If you are a suspect of a cybercrime-related offence, feel free to contact us.

You can reach us via phone (020 – 210 33 34) or via encrypted channels such as Wickr (info@jonkersvangemert.nl). For our EncroChat username, please contact us via Wickr.

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Richard Stevens

Top afwikkeling. Na contact te hebben opgenomen per mail ben ik de volgende dag meermaals gebeld voor extra informatie om de zaak zo goed mogelijk voor me op te lossen. Daarna is er binnen een uur een perfect bezwaar geproduceerd en verstuurd. Super service!!!